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Frequently asked questions

1. How to request a ride

  • Tap on the ‘Pick-Up’ icon to enter the desired pick-up location or you can drag the location pin to the desired location.
  • Tap on the ‘Destination’ icon to enter your destination address.
  • You can also choose from your pre-saved favourite locations as well
  • Select your choice of ride
  • You can choose between Bolt(Hatchback), Flash(Sedans) and Cruise(SUVs)
  • Just tap on ‘Request’ to confirm your request
  • Once a driver accepts, you would be notified with the cab details, along with the real-time location tracking for the driver.
  • When the driver is nearby, you would be notified again to help get ready for your ride.
  • You may update the drop location post booking a ride – this can be done by clicking on the ‘Destination’ icon and entering the new address.

2. How to Choose my desired vehicle

  • You can select a four-wheeler for your ride, which has 3 different vehicle types for your convenience
  • Bolt is the small car option for short & economical rides(Hatchback)
  • Flash is the premium sedans for the longer, comfortable rides(Sedan)
  • Cruise are the big cars for going on those rides with the entire family or group of friends(SUVs)
  • Once you select the cab category, you will get the fare estimate based on your ride details

3. How to view my ride details

  • Tap on the ‘Pick-Up’ icon to enter the desired pick-up location or you can drag the location pin to the desired location.
  • After booking a ride, the driver contact details & the cab details will be shown
  • Cab details will include vehicle model and number for easy identification
  • You may contact the driver using his contact details shown in the app by clicking on the ’phone’ icon

4. What are the different payment modes available

  • Payment for a ride can be made using your Paytm account or by cash
  • If paying using Paytm:
    • Paytm zero balance: Add money to your Paytm account by clicking on the ‘Add Money’ button
    • One ride credit: You can also avail a ‘Credit’ ride when you do not have sufficient balance in your Paytm account – the ride amount will be deducted when you add money to your Paytm account
    • Part payment: It is possible by clicking on the option, by which you may choose to pay partially through Paytm and rest as cash. This option will deduct the available amount in your Paytm account and show the final amount to be paid as cash
  • You can also split the fare with your friends/family travelling with you

5. What is toll & ad-hoc charges

  • All tolls are excluded from the fare – the customer is expected to pay it separately.
  • This excludes the airport toll(s) which is included into the fare total shown in HornOK invoice
  • Any other incidentals like parking charges while waiting for you during the ride, etc has to be paid separately

6. How to view my trip receipt

  • After the ride is complete, you will be shown the final fare with the break-up
  • Typically, the fare is inclusive of the travel fare, waiting/ride time and taxes
  • You can also add an additional tip to the driver, which will be added to the final fare this is optional and can be selected by you based on your experience
  • Post payment, the receipt will be emailed to your registered email id
  • The invoice and details will also be available in your ride history inside the app

7. Connect with us

  • For any additional queries, you can reach out to us:
    Call us @ 080-67519199 or mail us @ [email protected]

8. What is HopOn

  • HopOn helps you book a cab nearby without the need to request the ride from our app
    The two types of HopOn are:
  • In App HopOn :
    • You can click on the HopOn option to enter the cab details which is the cab number (eg. KA 01 1234) 0r scan the QR code for the vehicle (you can ask the driver for the same) and enter the drop location
    • The request is directly sent to the cab driver who can accept the ride
    • Once accepted, the ride continues as a normally requested ride
  • HopOn:
    • You can request the driver & start a HopOn ride after providing your mobile number & drop location – you will be notified through a message of the ride & driver details

9. How to view the estimated fare and time

  • When a vehicle type is selected, a fare estimate is shown for the category selected
  • This is an indicative fare, based on the ride start & end location provided and an indicative journey time, calculated based on best route
  • possibilities and traffic conditions
  • It is not the final fare
  • This indicative fare does not include tolls or any other charges, except for Airport rides
  • If the drop location is different from the provided one or a different route is taken the fare will appropriately change
  • The nearest ETA is an indicative waiting time for the selected vehicle category
  • The actual time may vary due to non-controllable factors like change in traffic conditions, nearest cab unavailability and other such factors beyond our control
  • The actual ETA is shown post booking the ride

10. How to cancel a ride

  • Post booking a ride, you can cancel a ride before it starts by clicking on the ‘Cancel ride’ button
  • If the ride is being cancelled post acceptance of the ride within the first five minutes no charges are applied, post fifth minute you may be charged a nominal cancellation fees
  • If the driver has not moved post acceptance of the ride, the driver will be charged a nominal cancellation fee post 5th minute
  • You can cancel up to 3 rides a month without being charged the cancellation fee but if you cancel the ride once the driver has arrived at your pickup location then you will be charged a fee of Rs 45 every-time
  • You can choose between Bolt(Hatchback), Flash(Sedans) and Cruise(SUVs)
  • Post 3rd cancellation, you will be charged Rs 45 per cancellation – this will be included in the fare for the next ride booked

11. How are waiting charges calculated

  • The waiting charges for the first 10 minutes will remain free upon the driver arrival at your pickup location.
  • If you keep the car waiting over a certain period, you will be charged based on the wait time.
  • The traffic charges are applied based on the time spent in traffic
  • These charges vary depending on the type of vehicle you choose to ride.

12. How to access SOS emergency button

  • Once a ride starts, you will get an SOS button inside the HornOK app
  • On clicking this button, HornOK command centre is notified, enabling real time tracking of the vehicle & sharing of details with the right authorities

13. Ratings, feedback & compliments

  • Post a ride, you can rate the driver & the experience
  • If the ride was worth 5 stars, you can compliment the driver by giving him a badge and writing a small note
  • If you feel there are areas for HornOK & its drivers to improve, you can also share the same after the ride completion

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